You can modify any kind of data for your kindergarten, any time you want. Go to „Management” Module and select „My Kindergarten”. In the middle of the screen you will find 3 fields, first of them contains information about the kindergarten, the second one has information about the manager/administrator of the kindergarten and the third one is the location of the kindergarten. To modify the data press the „Edit” button, which is in the first field. From there you can change the profile image, the name of the kindergarten, the register number needed to issue the invoice, the capacity of the kindergarten and the short description.

If you want to change the administrator’s data, press „Edit” button under the name of the administrator. Here you can change the profile picture, the first and the last name, the e-mail, the phone and the address. You can also choose if you want to receive e-mail notifications on various themes. If you want to change the address, you have to press „Edit” button located under the map. Here you will add the geographical information and place a pin on the map in a certain location.

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