It is good to know that once you upload documents in the platform, they will not be automatically published to administrators, educators or parents. There is a specific box that shows you information about your file, such us:

  • Who created the file;
  • When was the file uploaded;
  • What is the dimension of the file;
  • Who has access to the file.

You can preview your document in the right part of the screen, if the file is a PDF one or an image (you cannot preview word or excel files, because they use special programs to be opened, programs from your computer).

If you push the „Publish” button, a form will open and it will allow you to choose the users you want to give access to the respective file – all parents, parents of the children from a specific group, all educators etc – as well as the name and the description of the file. Also, after you have published a document, you can deactivate it (unpublished), if you do no want it available on Kinderpedia anymore.

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