The documents are just a click away from those you want to send, without having to send them to email addresses, file transfer programs, or other software. Each user has a custom document module - this includes both the documents loaded by him / herself and those sent to other users by carts. Everything is simple, fast and secure, so you do not waste too much time with bureaucracy!

The files look the same as those on your computer
With the new document module interface, you can now easily organise your kindergarten activity. Design looks like the explorer in your computer, so it will be very easy to structure information on folders and sub-folders, see the type of files according to their icon and drag-and-drop to move them out of the box, one place in another.

To load a document, you must right click> upload; you can also create a new folder with the right click.

All the computer features are now in Kinderpedia. It's very simple to copy, cut & paste but also rename the files or delete them, all by simply clicking RIGHT :).

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