It is good to know that documents once uploaded to the platform are NOT automatically posted to administrators, educators or parents.

This will open a full-screen window that displays some information about the selected file, such as:

  • author,
  • date of loading,
  • file size,
  • who has access to this file.

On the right-hand side of the screen, we can preview the document if it is a PDF or image (note that word or excel documents can not be previewed because they open with specialised software available to you on your computer).

Pressing the "save" button opens a form that allows us to choose the users we want to access this file - all parents, parents of children in a particular group, all educators, etc. -Like the name and file description. Also, after publishing a document, we can unpublished it if we do not want it to be available on Kinderpedia.

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