Once you upload a document or file in the documents module, it won't be immediately visible to anyone else. When you double-click on the document a window appears with details on the file, such as:

  • The author,
  • The date of loading,
  • The file size,
  • Who has access to this file.

Next to those details on the right, there is will a preview of the file. Note that the preview only appears with PDF files or images because Word and Excel files require special programs from your computer to be opened.

Underneath the file details, if the file isn't published yet, are three option buttons, one of which is to publish the file. Clicking on this option will ask you to choose the group you want to publish the file for, and to add a description of the content or rename the file, if necessary. If you double-click on a published file you will have four options including one to edit the group that can access the file and one option to deactivate (unpublish) it.

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