After logging on to the platform, we enter the newsletter module.

On the screen we appear the sent campaigns, the subject of the campaign, if the campaign is recurring (ie it is sent automatically at a certain time interval), the last sending of a campaign and its status.

To create a new campaign, click on the green button in the top right corner.

In the central part we see exactly how the email we will send will look like.

On the left side we find several modules, with different styles, images and links. These can be included in the design of your newsletter.

Just by pressing the insert button located on each image of the module, it will appear on the main screen immediately after the last existing module.

A module can be removed from the main template by pressing the delete button in the top right.

We can change the background color of a module by selecting the desired color from the color palette located on the left side of each module.

The order of the modules can be reversed or modified by a simple drag and drop. We move the mouse over a module and hold left click and drag it to the desired place.

To change a photo from a module, we go to it with the mouse and press the snail at its center and then upload a photo from the computer.

Titles and content can also be edited by pressing the pencil that appears when you hover over each item we want to edit.

If we want to delete certain elements from a module, press the pencil followed by the delete button. Any item can be deleted, image, title or text.

After completing the design and content of the newsletter we go to the top to test how it looks on a mobile device.

We go to step 2, clicking Save & Continue, where we will introduce the subject of the newsletter, we will select to whom it is sent, if it will be recurrent as I said earlier, to send it at a certain time, select the date, the sending time and by pressing button saves and completes we have finished our campaign and the emails will be sent automatically to the list of selected persons.

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