Unlike the Quick Messages module, where the communication is made between kindergarten/school and family, through Live Chat we can have individual conversations, 1 on 1, or group conversations. We must mention that these groups are predefined (Ex: Parents from the 2nd class, Educators in the Main Group, etc.). New groups cannot be generated and users cannot be added to existing groups. All users in a group see all the messages in that window. For example, as a Teacher I start a conversation with the parents in the group I teach, but I cannot add the manager and another educator, it is strictly a conversation between me and the parents of the children in my group and it is similar to a group of Whatsapp.

Parents, educators and managers can start a conversation with any other Kinderpedia user who has an active account in the kindergarten/school where they are enrolled.

To initiate a 1 on 1 conversation, we just need to click on a new message, and then choose the recipient from a list, which is divided into 3 sections: parents, teachers and managers. With the search option is easy to find the desired person. Once selected, a chat window will open with that person.

All conversations remain saved and can be re-read at any time.

Through the Live Chat module, we benefit from total confidentiality, because no one else can see the respective private conversation. Attention! If a conversation is initiated with one of the parents of a child, the other parent will not see the conversation.

To create a group discussion, press the new message button, followed by the GROUPS button found at the top right of the screen. This will open a new list divided into the same 3 sections, from which we can choose one of the predefined groups with all the parents in a certain group, all the educators / teachers responsible for a certain group or all the administrators / managers of the kindergarten or school.

Important to note is that a parent can only initiate conversations with other parents in the group where his child is or with the educators/teachers responsible for the respective group/class.
In the same way, an educator/teacher can initiate conversations only with the parents from the group/class he/she teaches.

Last but not least, Live Chat allows you to send photos or documents (pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt) directly in conversations.
To do this, open the chat where you want to send the photo / document and press either the "File Attachment" button, and then select the desired document, or press the "Attach Photo" button that allows you to choose an existing photo in the phone gallery or make one at once, as you can see in the examples below.

In some situations, the kindergarten/school may decide to use the Quick Messages module exclusively and thus, the Live Chat module may become inactive or the "Staff Only" option may be chosen. This means that the parents will communicate with the educators/teachers through the Quick Messages module and the staff members the Educators/Teachers/Managers will be able to communicate with each other through the Live Chat module (if it has not been deactivated and has an "Staff Only" option active).

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