We have created two messaging modules precisely to meet the different needs of kindergartens and schools in terms of communication. To better understand the optimal use of the two, below you have described the differences between them:

  • Live Chat allows you to attach documents and photos directly in conversations.

  • Live Chat allows sending messages both between staff members and parents, while Quick Messages ensures communication between kindergarten / school (educators, teachers, managers) and family members (mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, grandmother, etc.).

  • In Live Chat, to send a message to a parent, the educator / teacher must know their full name in order to find it in the application because some parents have different names than the child's or there are parents with the same last name, while In Quick Messages only the child from the group / class should be selected and the message is sent to all members of the child's family.

  • The educator / teacher can send individual messages to one parent using the Live Chat module, while through Quick Messages, the message reaches all family members who have an active account on Kinderpedia (mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, grandmother).

  • If there are more children in a group and you want to send a message only to certain parents, then the Quick Messaging mode will be used, because in Live Chat, the created groups are predefined and include all parents in a group / class. , while in Quick Messages we can choose one or more children.

  • If the teacher / teacher uses the Quick Messages to send a message to several parents, they can reply later to the message, but they will NOT be able to see the answers of the other parents, precisely to make the process of communicating the essential information more efficient and to leave no room for further long discussions such as is currently happening on some Whatsapp groups. For group discussions, we urge you to use the Live Chat module.

For more detailed information on the specific way Quick Messages and Live Chat work, please access the tutorials for each one of them, by clicking one of the links below:

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