In the "Family Balance" section of the billing module we find a list of all families in the kindergarten and their financial statements. In this list we find, the names of the children and the class, the main parent (the one who receives the invoice) and his e-mail address, the balance of the family, the credit (the amount that the family paid) and the debit (the amount that the family had pay so far, as well as the family balance, be it positive or negative.

Next to each family, under the balance, we can "Make a payment" if there are parents who want to pay in advance. When the amount is introduced and collected, the Available Cash, Credit and Family Balance will be updated automatically, and subsequently, the invoices can be paid directly from the respective deposit. By the "Make a payment" button we can also withdraw a certain amount from the family deposit at the parents' request.

Each time we add a payment, but also if we click on the name of a family, we will be able to see the payment history of the respective family, along with information about each payment separately.

Following the payment of an advance, the issuance and payment of an invoice, the Available Cash, Credit, Debit and Family Balance will be updated automatically. However, the Available Cash, Credit and Debit can also be edited manually by pressing the pencil next to their value, if needed.

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