The RSPV function helps us when we want to find out how many people will attend our event and who exactly. This function is found in the settings of an event when it is created.

Typically, an added event can be visible to all Kinderpedia members in that kindergarten. Once activated, the RSPV function allows access to the event only for the persons selected to "RSPV for", having the options: Parents, Children, Managers and Teachers, taking into account the access to previously selected groups.
The date and time by which the invited persons will be able to confirm or deny the presence at the event will be introduced.

If the event is at a cost, check the respective option and enter the price and currency.

Also here we can set 2 reminders to make sure that the guests do not forget about the event.

Last but not least, after creating the event, we will have to open it again from the calendar of events or from the list of events and access the "Participants" section. Then, for each category of guests selected in the creation of the event (in this case "Parents" and Children "), we will click" Add participants "and select them from the list. Once added, the parents will be able to respond to the event, confirmm the children's attendance, but also their attendance if they wish to join.

However, if a parent did not confirm the presence of the event through the application, but replied by other means, the manager or educator who created the event can open the event menu, access the "Participants" section and manually tick that answer, to ensure a smoother management of the participants and, if necessary, the automatic integration of the event into the invoices of those present.

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