Step 1: Log in to the Kinderpedia account on a computer / laptop, go to "Video Conference" and click "Activate Video Meetings".

Step 2: After clicking on "Activate video meetings", you will receive an email from Zoom. Access the email address used for Kinderpedia, check the inbox (and the "spam" folder in case the email received from Zoom has got there). In the email, click on "Approve the request". This will send you to the Zoom page to link your existing account to the Kinderpedia account. 

Step 3: In the window that has opened after you click on "Approve the Request", you have to select "I Acknowledge and Switch".

You will see the message "We are switching your account".

After a short period of time, the confirmation message "Your account has been switched successfully" should be displayed. If it doesn't, refresh the page after 2 minutes of waiting. When you see the confirmation message, click on "Sign in to Profile Page".

In the next window, enter the Zoom credentials and click on "Sign In". Now you can go back to the Kinderpedia page and schedule / access conferences. If you select the "Video Conferences" section, the status should now show "Account status: Active".

For more assistance regarding video conferences click here.

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