We first add the groups and then assign the teachers to each group.

First Step - How to Add Groups / Classes

Enter the "Childern Groups" module. Here you will find 2 types of groups: Main Groups and Optional Groups. At the top right, click on the "Add group" button.

After clicking on the "Add Group" button, a field will appear where you will enter the group name, select the group type and a color, then select who can register. Save by pressing the "Save" button.

The difference between a main and an optional group is that a child cannot be a member of an optional group if he or she is not already in a main group. The optional courses selected by the parents are part of the optional groups.

Seccont Step - How to add Teachers

User Functions

Predefined in Kinderpedia there are two User Functions: Manager and Educator. To add others, for example: Teacher we will go through the following steps:

Go to Management> Staff Management> Roles> Add Role> to Role Name write Teacher and to Based on User Type: choose Teacher => Click "Save". After this step we will have to check all the boxes so that they are selected, as needed. Attention: If we do not check the boxes, the accounts created based on the new type of user will not have access to anything in the application.

Add Teacher / Educator

Enter the Management module and select the "Staff Management" subcategory then select from the top part of this screen "Teachers". Here we will see all the teachers that currently exist in the kindergarten and information about them. At the top right is a green "Add New User" button.

Clicking it will open a page where we will start to fill in the following data in order: Select the Role Name, Group or Groups where he is allowed access, email, password (set by us, later can be changed), name, first name, (phone and address are optional).

Attention: we must make sure that first of all, under "Role Name", "Educator", "Teacher" or the new role that we had previosuly created (in this case "Teacher") is selected.

By pressing the Save button, an email will be sent to the educator with an invitation through which he can access the kindergarten/school.

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