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Zoom Video Conference Tutorial - Tips and Features. Mute, Screen Sharing, Breakout Room.
Zoom Video Conference Tutorial - Tips and Features. Mute, Screen Sharing, Breakout Room.
Video conference tutorial, tips and tricks. Zoom Features. Zoom Settings.
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Certain video conferencing settings have been automatically changed by Zoom, this means that some video conferencing steps may not work the same as they used to. It is important to read all the changes that have taken place so that you know how to use video conferencing.

1. Mute participants upon entry - All participants (students or parents) have the microphone turned off when entering a conference.

Automatically mute all participants when they join the meeting. The host controls whether participants can unmute themselves.

You can mute all participants that are already in the meeting as well as new participants joining the meeting. 

1. Select Manage Participants

2. Select Mute All

3. You will be prompted to Allow participants to unmute themselves. Clicking Continue will mute all current and new participants

2. Display the "Join Conference" button - it appears 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson and disappears 10 minutes after the end of the lesson.

In Kinderpedia, Parents/Students will see the Join Conference button with 5 minutes before the scheduled time and 10 minutes after the finishing time for the specific activity. For example: Mathematics from 10 to 11. Participants can join from 9:55 and up to 11:10. This is because the meeting can end after 40 minutes and the teacher can start another one right after. This way, if a 2nd meeting is started, participants can enter it until 11:10. After this all entry is closed.

3. "Waiting Room" is active by default and therefore students / parents are admitted to the class by the teacher (host).

When attendees join a meeting, place them in a waiting room and require the host to admit them individually. Enabling the waiting room automatically disables the setting for allowing attendees to join before host.

Admitting participants during a meeting

1. As the meeting host, click Manage Participants.
2. Click Admit to have the participant join the meeting.

Admit all participants from the Waiting Room

1. As the meeting host, click Manage Participants.
2. Click Admit all.

4. Co-host is disabled by default

The person creating the conference has full control over it and the settings. The "Co-host" function is disabled by default and this means that another teacher or student cannot control the conference, cannot share the screen or cannot turn off the students' microphone. It is important and recommended NOT to make a student / parent HOST a CO-HOST because you may lose control of the conference.

If a teacher enters the conference and you want to have equal rights then you can co-host him.

5. Screen sharing - only by the host ie by the creator of the conference (in our case by the teacher) - "Screen Share" - Host only"

Screen sharing is possible just for the Host. Participants cannot share their screen.

Sharing your screen

1. Click the Share Screen button located in your meeting controls. 

2. If you want to allow other teachers or even students or parents to share the screen then we will go to the arrow next to "Share Screen"> Advanced Share Options

A window will appear in which you will check who has the right to share the screen. If you choose "All Participants" then ALL participants will be able to share the screen, if we choose Only Host then only the conference creator will be able to share the screen.

3. (Optional) Enable these features:

Check Share Computer Sound: If you check this option, any sound played by your computer will be shared in the meeting.

Check Optimize for full screen video clip: Check this if you will be sharing a video clip in full screen mode. Do not check this otherwise, as it may cause the shared screen to be blurry.

4. Click Share.

Zoom will automatically switch to full screen to optimize the shared screen view. To exit full-screen, click Exit Full Screen in the top-right corner or press the Esc key

To disable automatic full screen when viewing a shared screen, disable this option in your desktop client settings: Enter full screen automatically when a participant shares screen.

Share screen menu

When you start sharing your screen, the meeting controls will move into a menu that you can drag around your screen.

  • Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute your microphone.

  • Start/Stop Video: Start or stop your in-meeting video.

  • Participants/Manage Participants: View or manage the participants (if the host).

  • New Share: Start a new screen share. You will be prompted to select which screen you want to share again.

  • Pause Share: Pause your current shared screen.

  • Annotate / Whiteboard: Display annotation tools for drawing, adding text, etc.

  • More: Hover over more for additional options.Chat: Open the chat window.Invite: Invite others to join the meeting.Record: Start recording locally or to the cloud.Allow/Disable participants annotation: Allow or prevent the participants from annotating on your shared screen.Show/Hide Names of Annotators: Show or hide the participants' name when they are annotating on a screen share. If set to show, the participant's name will briefly display beside their annotation.Live on Workplace by Facebook: Share your meeting or webinar on Workplace by Facebook. Learn more about live-streaming a webinar. Learn more about live-streaming a meeting.Optimize Share for Full-screen Video Clip: Start optimizing for a video clip in full screen mode.Note: Do not enable this setting if you are not sharing a full screen video clip, as it will blur your screen share.End Meeting:  Leave the meeting or end the meeting for all participants.

6. Elimination of conference participants. They will NOT be able to re-join the video conference

Participants who have been kicked out of the meeting by the host cannot return. If one of the participants has disturbed the lesson it can be kicked out with the "Remove" option.

7. Breakout room - available for all teachers

Allow host to split meeting participants into separate, smaller rooms
Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling

8. Require password for participants joining by phone

A password will be requested for participants who join from a mobile device (this password is NOT from the Kinderpedia application)

A numeric password will be required for participants joining by phone if your meeting has a password. For meeting with an alphanumeric password, a numeric version will be generated.

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