In order to activate your zoom account you need to acces your email address, check the inbox and the "spam" folder (in case the received mail is recognized as spam). Open the email received from Zoom and click on the blue button "Activate Your Zoom Account" and it will send you to the activation page.

*Careful! In some cases you can receive the activation email from Zoom with a delay of up to 10 minutes.

 On the Zoom account activation page you will see 3 options: "Sign In With Google", "Sign In With Facebook" and "Sign Up With a Password".

From here, you must select "Sign Up with a Password".

Setup a password for the Zoom account, then click on the orange button "Continue". 

After the password was entered succesfully you need to see a page like the above screenshot in order to be sure that your account was activated.

For more details related to video conference setting please read the following tutorial:

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