If you accidentally deleted an active student account it can be easily reactivated using the re-registration code generated after it has been deleted.

To get the re-registration code go to "Families" and filter the list by "Inactive children". In the list you can see all children with inactive accounts in the institution's account, search for the child in the list or using the search box at the top right and you will see the re-registration code displayed under their name.

If you have an individual teacher account you wont be able access to "Families" and that code can be given to you by the Student / Parent. You can find it in the mobile application at "Account settings"> "Family members" or on the WEB at "Settings"> "My account"

In order to reactivate the account go to "Children Groups" and click on the group in which you want to reactivate the account.

In the group, click on "Transfer child", button on the right. Enter the code and click on "Search for child".

The account will be found and all you have to do is click on "Add Child". It will send you to the child's profile and you will see a confirmation message in a green bar "Child Added".

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