Step 1: Configure the company. On the Kinderpedia page, click on "Billing"> "Configuration", then click on the green "Billing Companies" button. In the next screen click on "Add new company", enter all the necessary data and click on "Save" to save the changes.

Step 2: Include invoicing on the new company in the billing plans. Also from the main Kinderpedia page, go to "Billing"> "Billing plans" and click on the child you want to make the change to. Select one of the billing plans listed on the left and then click on "Customize this plan". Click on "Next" until you reach the page where "Connect with Activities Mode" is mentioned. That option must be checked and under "Issue Frequency" select "monthly", configure the necessary data, and under "Payee Company" select the desired company. Click on "Next", then on "Finish".

Step 3: Create and configure a paid activity. To bill students in a group for an activity that is billed to another company, you must configure and add that activity to the schedule. Click on "Activities", then on the green button "Add Activity". In the next screen, the activity must be configured as follows:

> Name the activity

> Choose a color for the activity

> Choose an icon

> "Staff Only: NO"

> "Individual activity: NO"

> "Present: YES"

> Choose a type of evaluation

> "Price: YES", enter the price and select the currency

Click "Save" to save the changes.

Step 4 : Add the activity to the schedule. All that remains is to add the activity to the schedule of the desired group. You or the teachers responsible for the activity can be present to the students who participate in the paid activity and a separate invoice will be generated (as configured in "Step 2") for that activity.

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