In this tutorial we will describe all the steps needed to register students and parents without them being billed. We will create a list of newly enrolled students. Valid for new registrations.

We will create a main group called "Registrations" by going to Class Groups> Add Class.

Click on the name of the class "Registrations" and on the right we will find a button called "Add child". We click on it and we will be able to add a child's first and last name.

After this step he will appear in the list, with the "Invite Student" and "Invite Parents" buttons next to him. Click on Invite Parents> click Invite Parents again. After this step a window will appear where we can add the details for a parent. Here it is very important NOT to check the "Send invitation by email" option. Thus, the created accounts will not be taken into account when invoicing. Once school starts and we will have to bill them, we send the invitation to the parents and we will be able to send them the bills directly from Kinderpedia.

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