First Case - For a manually generated invoice

If you generated an invoice manually, and the family has a deposit available, you have the option to pay the invoice directly using the family deposit. When you issue an invoice you will see 3 options available:

  • Issue and send the invoice in the amount of *amount & currency* >> Issue the invoice with the full amount, without altering the value from the deposit related to the family

  • Issue and send the invoice in the amount of *amount & currency* >> Modify the invoice in the amount of *amount & currency* and pay the rest of *amount & currency* from the family deposit

  • Delete the invoice, pay the *amount & currency* from the deposit >> The invoice will be deleted and the full amount of *amount & currency* will be withdrawn from the family deposit

Select the second or third option depending on what you need to pay partially or in full (depending on the available deposit).

If you want to find out how can you manually generate an invoice, click HERE.

Second Case - For an invoice issued

Step 1: Go to the invoice list in "Billing"> "Parent Invoices".

Step 2: Click on the green "Add a payment" button on the same line as the invoice for which you want to add a payment.

Step 3: Click under "Payment Method" and select "Deposit" (after selecting Deposit as payment method, the available cash will be displayed in the family balance).

Step 4: Confirm the entered data is correct and click on the green "Pay now" button.

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