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I am a teacher / manager. How can I move children from one location to another?
I am a teacher / manager. How can I move children from one location to another?
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First method: Using the "Move to Another Location"

The first step in moving a child from one location to another is to access the child's profile.

We can do this by clicking on the name of the specific child, either from the Children Groups module or from the Families module.

Careful! If you are a manager / teacher, you will need to make sure before you have access to both locations, the groups from which you want to move children and the groups to which you want to move them.

Once on the profile, we will see in the middle of the screen the section "Move to another location". Check the box below the section and click "Ok".

Then click on the menu bar next to the previously checked box. Thus, a list of all the headquarters of the institution will open. Under each location you will also see the existing groups / classes in that location.

Now all you have to do is select the group in which you want to move the child, related to the new location.

The child can not only be moved to the new headquarters, we must also choose a new group as well!

Once the new group is selected, the child will instantly move to the new location. Repeat the process for each child.

Second method: using the transfer code

In order to generate a transfer code, the student's account must first be deactivated. To do this, go to "Families" and click on the student's name, then click on the red "Deactivate Account" button.

After deactivation, the transfer code (KP code) will be generated. To get the re-registration code go to "Families" and filter the list by "Inactive children".

In the list you can see all children with inactive accounts from the institution's account, search for the child in the list or using the search box at the top right and you will see the re-registration code displayed under their name. Copy the code.

Now access the account of the institution where the student is to be transferred and go to "Families".

Click on the green "Add new family" button.

In the popup window, select the group to which the student is to be transferred and enter the transfer code where it says "Code".

Click on "Search child" a new window will open in which the child's profile is displayed, all that remains is to click on "Add child" and the account will be activated in the selected group

The account will be found and all you have to do is click on "Add Child". It will send you to the child's profile and you will see a confirmation message in a green bar "Child Added!".

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