How can I see/download a list of all the children in the kindergarten/school?

To view/download a list of students from the entire institution, go to the "Custom Reporting" > "Children" section.

Initially, only 30 accounts are displayed on the page. To display all the students in the institution, click on the number 30 next to "Display" above the list and select "All".

On the right side, if you click on the gray "Display" button, you can select to display additional information in the report.

To download the report, click on the green "XLS" button or any of the export options available on the right side next to the gray "View" button.

How can I see which families have an active account?

To see/download a list of students who have at least one active account in Kinderpedia and are billed, go to the "Custom Reporting" > "Children" section.

At the top, click under "Account status" and select "Activated account", this way only the accounts with at least one activated account in the family will be displayed.

And now, click on the number 30 next to "Display" above the list of students and select "All", this way all students will be displayed.

f you want to download the report in table form for Excel, click on the green "XLS" button.

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