For parent accounts only! Student accounts cannot switch to other student accounts. In the WEB page you can see what type of account you have in between brackets on the top right corner next to your name.

WEB version

If your family has multiple children accounts in Kinderpedia, you can easily switch between their accounts. To make this switch, you need to click on the profile picture on the left side above the child's name.

A window will open in which you'll find a list with all the active/inactive children under your account. To select a different account, simply click on the student's profile picture.

MOBILE version

After you open the mobile app, in the News Feed you will see a bar on the top with the student's name and profile picture. To switch on another student account, simply tap the student's name on that bar and select the other account. You will find this student account switcher in other modules of the app as well.

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