To graduate a class / group, go to the "Children Groups" section in the menu and click on the class that needs to be graduated.

On the page with the list of students from the class, you will see a red button at the top called "Graduate". Click on it.

A window will open where you will see two fields, the first is for the graduation of the class at the next level of study (ex. the 5th grade becomes the 6th grade) and the second is for the graduation from the school (ex. the 8th grade- who will go to high school and is no longer active in school).

If you need to graduate/promote the class, enter the updated class name and the new study level and click on "Graduate class". The class will be updated with the new name and study level.

If you use the "Graduate school" option, the class together with all the students in the class will be marked as inactive/deactivated.

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