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How do I delete/deactivate a student account?
How do I delete/deactivate a student account?

How do I delete a child from kindergarten?

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To deactivate/delete a student's account, access the "Families Management" section and click on the name of the child you want to delete (alternatively you can go to "Children Groups" > click on the class the student belongs to > and click on his name).

After clicking on the student's name, you will see the red button "Deactivate Account" under his name on the left. Click on him to deactivate him, and he will be listed under "Inactive children" in the "Families Management" section and you can reactivate his account in the future if you need it and if he hasn't activated his account in the meantime at another institution that uses Kinderpedia .

Careful! If there is no activated account in the student's family (that means, an invitation to activate the account was sent to the student or parents and it was NOT accepted, or no invitation was sent at all) then the red button "Deactivate Account" will be replaced by "Delete" and if you click on "Delete", the account will be permanently deleted, and if you want to add it again in the future, you will have to add it using the "Add new family" button from "Families Management ".

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