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How do I fill the medical record information?
How do I fill the medical record information?
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In order to fill the medical record information you must go on the child's profile page and then select "Medical record" located on the upper half of the screen next to "Notes".

You will see the children's vaccine chart which is already filled with the vaccines required at certain ages. In order mark a vaccine as "done", click on it and select the date taken and observations if required.

In order to fill in "Medical History" scroll down and click on "Edit" next to "Medical History". Here you can toggle "ON/OFF" next to each medical condition. When toggled "ON" it will be displayed in the "Medical History".

Next to "Medical History" you will find the "Medical record". Here you can register new entries, you can mark a certain condition / disease as being permanent and you can also upload files.

On the left side you can fill in alergies, meds required and the name of the doctor if the child has a special medical situation.

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