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How can I check in / check out using the QR code?
How can I check in / check out using the QR code?

In this tutorial we will show how a parent can do Check-In / Out when bringing and taking the child from kindergarten.

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To do Check-In / Out you have to access the Kinderpedia mobile application for Parents and click on the "Check-in / out" button, and the application will open the camera (in case it requires permission to access the camera select "Yes" "or" Allow "to allow the application to use the camera), then point the camera to the QR code and the application will check-in / out.

Method 1: Click the button on the top right.

Method 2: Click on the upper left button (the three horizontal lines) and then click on "Check-In / Out".

The phone's camera will open and you will have to scan the QR code printed by the school/kindergarten.

After scanning the QR code, a page will open with the student for whom you can check in, now all you have to do is check the check-in button (see the picture below).

If you have several students in the same school/kindergarten and you need to check them in via the QR code, after scanning the code, swipe on the student's profile picture and it will select the next student account in the family that is in the same school /kindergarten.

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