Step 1: Access using a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) and log in using your Kinderpedia credentials.

Step 2: Go to "Video Conferences" (on the left side of the page) and select the green "Activate Video Meetings" button.

Step 3: After you click on "Activate video meetings, you will receive an email to activate the account at the email address you entered into the Kinderpedia account, and the status on the "Kinderpedia"> "Video Conferences" page will be updated to "Account status: Waiting".

Step 4: Acces your email address, check the inbox and the "spam" folder (in case the received mail is recognized as spam). Open the email received from Zoom and click on the blue button "Activate Your Zoom Account" and it will send you to the activation page.

*Careful! In some cases you can receive the activation email from Zoom with a delay of up to 10 minutes.

Step 5: On the Zoom account activation page you will see 3 options: "Sign In With Google", "Sign In With Facebook" and "Sign Up With a Password".

From here, you must select "Sign Up with a Password".

Step 6: Enter a password for the Zoom account, then click on the orange button "Continue".Now, the Zoom account is successfully created and you can return to the Kinderpedia page.

On the Kinderpedia page, if you select "Video Conferences", you will notice that the status has been updated: "Account Status: Account Activated".

Also in the "Video Conferences" section, you will see 3 buttons (from left to right): The first one will send you to a tutorial on "How do I add an activity?", The second one to a tutorial on "How to plan an activity", and using the the third button called "Plan Now", you can schedule a video conference. If you have any questions about how to add and plan an activity, use the tutorials mentioned earlier.

Step 7: Schedule the video conference

To schedule a video conference go to the "Activities" module on the left side of the page or click on "Plan now" from the "Video Conferences" module (see the picture above). Here, you have to select the activity for which you want to schedule video conferencing by clicking on it. In the example below I will click on the activity called "Arts & Crafts".

After you click on the activity, you will see a button called "Schedule a meeting", click on that button to schedule the conference.

After you click on "Schedule a meeting", that button will change to "Start meeting". To enter the conference, click on "Start meeting". A new window will open in your browser to launch the Zoom application. If you do not have Zoom already installed, select "download & run Zoom" (if you have Zoom already installed, skip this step because the application will run automatically) and install the application. After you install the application, it will run and enter the conference automatically.

For more assistance regarding the Zoom application, you can access the following link:

These were all the necessary steps. For a better clarification, we also have a video tutorial below.

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