First of all you need to access using a WEB browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.)

Uploading a homework for a subject / activity

Go to "Homework" section and click on the green "New Assignment" button.

In the window that opened, click on "New Assignment" next to the subject / class in which you want to add the new assignment. You can search for a specific subject / discipline using the search box in the top right under the "New Assignment" button. When you type the name of a subject in the search box, the list will be sorted in chronological order, the first subject displayed in the list being the most recent.

After clicking on "New Assignment" another window will open where you have to select the deadline for submitting the homework (Deadline) by clicking on the gray button with a white calendar, enter a description for the homework and check "Yes" where it says "Block homework after deadline" if you want students to be unable to submit the homework after the set deadline. To upload the homework, click "Upload File" and select the file. At the end click on "Save" to save the changes.

How can I see a submitted homework? How do I add a reviewd homework?

Go to the "Assignments" section and click on "Submitted by students". To see a submitted homework, click on the green "Hnaded in" button next to the subject you want to see the homework

In the window that opened you can download the Homework file and add comments on the right. Also in this window you can add a reviewed homework by clicking on "View / Add correction", then click on "Upload File".

If you want to mark an assignment as reviewed / verified and there is no need to upload a file, you can click "Yes" where it says "Homework Corrected".

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