Homework can be viewed/downloaded from the computer using a WEB browser but also from the mobile application. We will explain the two methods in this tutorial.

First Method

Access assignments from your computer using a WEB browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.)

Step 1: Access Kinderpedia, enter your credentials and click on "Login".

Step 2: Click on the menu button next to the logo and select "Assignments".

In the "Assignments" section you can see and download homework uploaded by Teachers / Educators and upload solved homework. The list can be filtered by "Past Assignments" and "Upcoming Assignments" by clicking on the respective buttons

In order to download the assignment click on the name of the activity/discipline and click on the green button on the right.

In order to upload an assignment, in the same window click on "Handed in", then click on the "Upload file" button. After the file has been uploaded, click on the "Hand in" button.

In order to download a corrected assignment, click on "Homework Revision", then click on the green button on the right.

Second Method

Accessing homework by using the mobile application (Android / iOS)

First of all make sure you have the application updated to the latest version, CLICK HERE to check.

in the application open the menu and access "Assignments"

Here you can view a list of current assignments and also those with expired deadlines. To filter the list according to these criteria click on the buttons at the top. To continue, select a subject/discipline from the list.

in order to see the file attached to the assignment, click on "View attachments"

To upload a solved theme, click "Submit assignment".

In the next screen, select "Upload files" and upload the files.

After you have uploaded the necessary files, click on "Submit Assignment".

How can I see a corrected assignment?

When a revised homework has been uploaded by the teacher, you will notice an indicator next to the topic in the list. Select the homework with that indicator.

To see the corrected homework, click on "View revision"

In the next screen, click on "View Attavhaments" and a list of attached files will open from where you can click on them to open them.

If you want to add a comment to an assignment, after selecting the homework, click on "Write a comment" at the bottom of the screen.

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