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I'm a manager / administrator. How to manually generate an invoice for a student / parent and how to edit an invoice.
I'm a manager / administrator. How to manually generate an invoice for a student / parent and how to edit an invoice.

How to issue and invoice. How to add/modify/delete products/items from an invoice. How to apply a discount on a product or reverse a product

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In this tutorial we will explain step by step how to generate one or more invoices from the WEB platform how to edit them.

Step 1: Access Kinderpedia from a WEB browser (Google Chrome is recommended) using a Windows PC / laptop or a Mac and login using your email address and password (note that generating an invoice is possible ONLY from the Kinderpedia WEB platform and NOT from the mobile app).

Step 2: In the menu from the left side of the screen, click on "Billing" and then click on "Parent invoices".

Step 3: Click on the green button "New Invoice".

Step 4: Select the student or students for whom you wish to generate the invoice by clicking on their name and then click on the green button "OK".

Step 5: You will see that the generated invoices have appeared at the top of the list in the same page with a pending status. You can click on the invoice number (on the "xxx - Pending") in order to open a view of the invoice and then click on the green button "View invoice" in order to open the invoice and modify it.

Step 6: Review the invoice and issue it. In the first half of the invoice/page you can see a calendar showing how many days the student present or absent and you can edit details such as the period for which the invoice is issued, issue date, due date, payee/payer information. If you wish to edit those details, simply click on the gray crayon next to each of those details.

On the second half of the invoice/page you can review what items are being charged on the invoice and you can add/modify/delete items and also apply a discount if needed.

If you want to add an item/product which is not in the product list already and add it to the invoice, click on "add new product", fill in the data for the new product and after you saved it click on the drop-down list above the "add new product" button and select it from that list, after you select it from the list, select the quantity and other information on that row if you need and then click on the green "+" button from the right side in order to add it to the invoice. If you want to reverse a transaction for that product or any other product you select from the product list, check the "Reversed product" check-mark.

Bellow the "Add new product to invoice" section you will see a list with the products included in this invoice. If you wish to delete a product simply click on the red button from the right side with a white trashcan in the middle, if you wish to apply a discount for that product, click on the gray button with a "%" in the middle (next to the red delete button).

You will also notice that you have the option to "Save", "Print" and "Delete" the invoice you want.

Finally, click on the gray button from the bottom of the "Issue this invoice with a total amount of *amount* *currency*".

If you wish to manually issue more or all of the pending invoices, go to "Billing" > "Parent invoices" > click on drop-down menu under "Status" and select "Pending". This will filter the list and show only the invoices that have the "Pending" status.

Now click on the check-mark located on the top left side above the list in order to select all pending invoices and finally click on the green "Issue selected invoices" button.

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