To report an absence, first access the Kinderpedia page using a WEB browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) and log in to the account.

Now you need to access the "Quick Messages" section and click on the green "Compose" button.

In the message composition screen, click on "General Message", next to "Message type" and select "Absence".

Now you have to fill in the reason, the period, and the text message and click on "Send". The student will be automatically marked as absent in the selected period.


If you use the mobile application, open the menu in the application, access "Quick Messages" and compose a new message.

Next to the message type, tap the screen on "Simple message" and select "Absent".

Now you have to fill in the reason, the start and end date, the text message and you can send the message. If you do NOT fill in this information, you will not be able to send the message. For example, if you fill in the start date and do not select anything in the end date, the send button will not be available. If you need to announce your absence for a single day, then fill in the same date for the start and end date. The student will be marked as absent automatically during the period selected by you in this message.

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