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How do I add a teacher/educator account? How do I associate/add a teacher/educator to one or more classes?
How do I add a teacher/educator account? How do I associate/add a teacher/educator to one or more classes?

How do I delete a teacher from a class?

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How do I add a teacher/educator account?

To add a teacher account, go to "Center Management" > "Staff management" on the left side of the page.

Now you have to click on the green "Add new user" button.

The new teacher/user account configuration page will open. Click "Role name" and select "educator/teacher" (to configure the functions CLICK HERE).

After selecting the position of educator/teacher, you will have to choose to which classes you will assign the teacher by clicking on the empty field under "Group".

Now you just have to fill in the rest of the information and click on "Save". The teacher will receive a confirmation email to the email address filled in on this page, which also contains the password you set.

If you enter an email address on which a teacher account is already activated, immediately after filling in that address in the relevant field, the platform will recognize that address and ask you if you want to add the account to your institution.

How do I associate a teacher to one or more classes? How do I remove a teacher from a class?

The simplest method to control/modify to which classes an associate teacher is, is from the "Center Management" > "Staff Management" > "Teachers" section.

In this list, look for the teacher for whom you want to make the changes and click on "Actions" > "Edit" next to him.

The account editing page will open. Under "Group", to remove a group/class from the teacher's access, click on the small "x" button next to the name of the respective class.

To associate one or more classes, click on the empty space under the "Group" field and from the list that appears, click on the class that needs to be added.

After you have finished making the changes, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

The second method to add/remove teachers from a class is from the "Children Groups" section. After accessing "Children Groups", click on the group to which you want to add or remove a teacher.

After clicking on the group/class, you will see on the right side a list of teachers assigned to that class (or the name of the manager account will be displayed if there is no associated teacher). To add a teacher, click on "Assign teacher" and the teachers entered in the platform will be displayed immediately below, to assign a teacher from that list, click on the "Assign" button next to his name.

To remove a teacher, click on "Actions" > "Exclude" next to the name.

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