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The 3 steps to using Kinderpedia as a parent/student when I get an invitation via email
The 3 steps to using Kinderpedia as a parent/student when I get an invitation via email

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Step 1 - Accept the invitation
The first step in creating your Kinderpedia account is to access the e-mail address you provided to the educational institution and check in the "Inbox" folder or in some cases even in the "Spam" folder.

Here you will find an email where the invitation was sent to activate your account.

By clicking on the "Join Your School" button you will be redirected to the platform where three fields will be found, one where the email can be found, this will be the username, and the other two fields for entering and re-entering the password.
The account will be created as soon as you click on the "Create account" button.

Step 2 - Download the mobile app

Once you have accepted the invitation and created the account, depending on the operating system of your mobile device, you must download the KINDERPEDIA application, which is found by the predominantly white icon.

To download the application for Apple devices running iOS, you must click this button:

To download the application for the devices running the ANDROID operating system you must press this button:

ATTENTION! In the App Store and Google Play, you will find 2 Kinderpedia applications of different colors. The White application is for the parent, while the Purple application is for the educator/manager.

Step 3 - Sign in to the mobile app

After you have installed the application on your phone, you only have to enter the username (e-mail address) and the password you configured when accepting the invitation and you will be just one click away from your child's activities.

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