In order for parents to be able to pay invoices directly from the application through the "Invoices" section, you must create an account with BT Pay (BTePOS) or Stripe and connect that account to the company defined in Kinderpedia.

To integrate Stripe or BT Pay accounts, go to the "Billing and Payments" > "Dashboard" > "Configuration" > "Payment Gateway" section.

Under the company name created in Kinderpedia, you will see a button for creating a new account in Stripe and another one for adding BTePOS credentials. After adding the credentials to the respective company, all invoices issued by that company will be able to be paid by parents through their application.

To create a BT Pay account, you must follow the following steps:

  • open a current account at Banca Transilvania for the entity you will invoice from Kinderpedia

  • make a request for a virtual POS, for that they will create an account and give you a username and a password

  • you must connect those credentials in Kinderpedia to the company for which you want card payments to be active from the "Payment Gateway" section as described above.

For payments made through BTePOS, Banca Transilvania charges a commission that is negotiated with them when you create the account.

For payments through Stripe, a commission of 1.26% is charged for payments greater than 500 RON, and for payments less than 500 RON the charged commission is a fixed one, namely 6 RON.

Kinderpedia does NOT charge any fee/commission for card payments.

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