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How do I add a video clip?
How do I add a video clip?

How do I upload a video?

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In the Kinderpedia application, open the menu and go to the "Photos & Videos" section.

Select the "Video" tab and touch the screen on the 3 dots at the top.

Select "Upload your video" and select the video file from your phone.

Now you have to select which groups/classes the video will be visible to by clicking on the pencil on the top right.

Enter a name for the video, optionally add a description, and when you're done, click on the green "Upload your video" button.

Wait for the file compression to finish.

It will send you to the list of videos where you will see the status of the video.

After the upload process is finished, you will see the "Publish now" and "Delete video" buttons (you can drag the screen down to refresh if you don't see the buttons).

Select "Publish now" to make it visible to users. The file details will open, select the green "Publish video" button to publish it.

If you want to change the details of the video before publishing it, touch the screen on the 3 dots at the top and select "Edit", you also have the option to delete it if you want.

There is also the option to add a Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo link in the "Video" section. After accessing "Media" > "Video", select the 3 dots at the top and select "Enter your url".

Now you just have to paste the link in the window that appeared and select "Confirm".

After that you will see the screen where you can select which groups/classes it will be visible to by clicking on the gray pencil at the top, set a title/name and add a description (optional). After you're done, select the green "Upload your video" button at the bottom.


Access the Kinderpedia page and go to the "Media" section in the menu on the left.

Select "Video" at the top.

After clicking on "Video", you will see the green "Add video" button on the right, which you must click.

A window will open where you have to add the link from the video (you can add links for Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo). After entering the link, fill in a name for the video, select in which classes it will be visible by clicking on the empty space under the "Access for" field and selecting the classes, add a description (optional) and click on "Save".

Careful! Direct upload of video files is possible only through the Kinderpedia mobile application (see "Method 1" above), from the desktop version only links can be added. As an alternative method, you can upload a video from your laptop to YouTube for example and add the link to the video in Kinderpedia using the method explained above.

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