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How can I schedule a video conference only with teachers?
How can I schedule a video conference only with teachers?

How to create a video conference through "Events" or "Activities". Teacher/Manager.

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Method 1 - Events:

The advantage of using an event for a video conference is that you can more easily centralize and confirm who will attend the conference and no longer need an optional group to do so.

Start by accessing Kinderpedia from your computer / laptop (via Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.)

Step 1: Access "Events" on the left side of the page. Click on "Event Categories" and then on the green "Add Category" button. Enter a name for the category (eg "School Staff Conference") then click the green and round button to the right to save the category.

Step 2: Also in the "Events" module go to "Events Calendar" and click on the green button "Add Event".

Step 3: In the next screen add all the necessary data and make sure that it says "YES" next to "RSVP only" and below "RSVP for" you must select "Teachers and Managers" so that it is not visible to all users in the kindergarten / school. After you have filled in all the necessary data, click on "Save" to save the event.

Step 4: Go to the "Event Calendar" in "Events". Click on the event in the calendar and then go to "Participants" and select "Teachers and Managers".

Step 5: Inviting participants to the event / conference. Click on "Invite more guests" and then select the teachers / managers you want to attend the event / conference and send the invitations.

Step 6: Scheduling the conference. In the event, click on "Video Conferences" and then all that remains to do is select "Schedule Video Meeting". When the event takes place, select "Start Meeting Now".

Method 2 - Activities:

Step 1. Create a new optional group, where you do not add any children, but assign all the teachers.

Step 2. In the schedule of activities, add an activity in the newly created optional group and schedule it in the calendar with a simple drag-and-drop.

Step 3. Click on that activity and schedule a video meeting.

The teachers can then join the conference by pressing on the respective activity and pressing "Enter the conference".

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