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How do I add grades for the thesis / exam?
How do I add grades for the thesis / exam?

How do I give marks / grades / evaluations / evaluations for the thesis / exams

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Step 1: On the Kinderpedia page, go to "Activity Calendar" (the button is in the menu on the left side of the page) and click on the activity/discipline scheduled in the Planner, which must be a thesis or exam (or schedule an activity/discipline in the planner).

Step 2: Click on "Edit activity detail".

Step 3: Select "Exam" next to "Grade Type" and click on "Save".

Step 4: Click again on the activity in the timetable, you will see a pink bar at the top indicating that that activity is an exam/thesis. Now all that remains to be done is to make the attendance and grade the students on the list on the right. Click on "Present / Absent" under the students' names to mark their presence at the activity, and for those you mark as present, the grades will also appear under their names (or the evaluation method set for that activity).

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