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Gradebook. Complete guide.
Gradebook. Complete guide.

How do I add grades and mark who is present/absent? how do I configure the semesters and the school year?

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To configure a new school year, go to the "Gradebook" section and click on the gray "Configure" button on the top-right.

To define a new school year, click on the "Add new interval" button.

Now you will have to enter the name of the school year and the name of the semester (if it is a single semester/module for the whole year, then fill in the school year in both fields), after which the interval for that semester/module must be set and finally click on " Save".

How can I conclude the average for a subject?

To conclude the average for a discipline/subject, access "Gradebook" and select the class and the subject for which you need to close the media using the filters at the top. After you have selected the class and the subject, you will see a green "Close Media" button next to each student, click on it to close the media for that subject.

A window will open where you have to select the note and click on "Save" to save the changes.

Depending on how the discipline was configured in "Activity Schedule", you will be able to select either grades or qualifications. To configure the subject in the schedule CLICK HERE or consult with the person responsible for the schedule in the institution.

How can I set the final average of child conduct?

To set the final average of child conduct, after you have accessed the electronic catalogue, you only have to select the class in which the wearable media must be closed and using the filter for subjects/activities, select "Conduct" (it is the last one in the list).

To close the average of a child conduct, click on the green button "Set final average" next to him.

How can I close the annual average?

To close the annual average of a student, go to the "Gradebook" and select the class to which the student belongs using the filter for the class at the top.

After you have selected the class, you have to click on the student's name and you will see the student's school status together with the green button "Finish Average" at the top located on the same row as "Annual Average".

How do I add grades and mark the attendance/absence of children?

To add grades to the gradebook, access the "Gradebook" and select the class and subject/discipline to which you want to add grades using the filters above, then click on the green button "Add grades and absences".

A page will open with the timetable and the respective subject scheduled in the timetable, to add a grade you must click in the timetable on the discipline of the day to which you want to add a grade/absence.

After clicking on the discipline in the timetable, you will see a list of the students in the class. To pass them a note, you have to click on "Present" under their name and the notes will appear, after which you just have to click on the desired note.

To mark a student as absent, click on the red "Absent" button under his name.

You can also add grades/absences through the "Activity Calendar" section, for more details Click Here.

How do I delete a grade/attendance/absence?

To delete a grade/attendance, go to "Activity Calendar", select the class of which the respective student belongs and navigate in the schedule to the week in which the activity is scheduled and click on it.

After clicking on it, look for the student in the list of students on the right and click on the "Delete" button under his name to delete the attendance/grade.

If you have deleted a grade/absence and the Gradebook has not been updated, you can use the button "Get grades from activity module" which is available in the Gradebook after selecting a class and subject using the filters at the top. This button is ONLY available to managers/administrators and teachers who are set as the principal or main teacher of the respective class.

How do I generate/download the catalog in PDF format?

To generate the catalog in PDF format, access the "Gradebook" section and select the class for which you want to generate the report and click on the purple "Genereaza Catalog (PDF) din nou" button. Come back in 3-5 minutes and the catalog will be available for download (it will also be sent by email to the manager's email).

To download the PDF file, click on "Descarca Catalog (PDF)".

If you have made changes to the students (deleted grades, name changes, etc.), you will have to click on the purple button "Genereaza Catalog (PDF) din nou" to be able to download the updated gradebook with the respective changes. The PDF Gradebook must be generated again for any change because it is not updated in real time.

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