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Child Development. Complete guide (desktop version).
Child Development. Complete guide (desktop version).

Child Development tutorial / How to configure child development

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How can I add/create a template?

To add or create a template, first you need to access "Child Development" > "Templates".

To create a new template, click on the green button on the top "New template" (the configuration is explained in the next section "How do I configure the template settings?").

How do I configure the template settings?

After you click on "New template", you will enter the template configuration process.

Later on after you have a template created and configured, you can access these settings by going to "Child Development" > "Templates" and clicking on the small gray crayon next to the template name.

There are 4 configuration pages/sections in total, in the first section you will have to type in the name for the template, a short name, description (optional), template color, subcategories depth level (bellow you will see an example of how the depth level works), and if the progress is visible to parents. After you filled in all the details, click on "Save and next".

Example of a template with subcategory depth level of 2:

With a depth level of 1, you would see the main category and then the lesson directly under it.

In the next section, you can set age ranges that can be used for the lessons in this template. You can skip this step if you wish to, it is not mandatory.

To activate age ranges, first click on the toggle to enable them, then you will see a green button called "+Add new age range". Click on "+Add new age range" to start configuring the age ranges.

When you configure an age range, simply set the age interval using the dropdown menus and then click on the green "save" button located immediately after the age interval. To add another age range, click on "+Add new age range" and repeat the process. When you are done, click on "Next".

In the next section, you can set evaluation terms if you need. If you don't have evaluation terms, click on "Next" if you wish to skip this section. If you enable "evaluation terms", all of the evaluations added for children in this template must be attributed to an evaluation term.

First click on the toggle button next to "evaluation terms" in order to activate the feature. After you enable this, a predefined set of evaluation terms will appear bellow. If you wish to edit or delete those terms, click on the grey button located on the same row to the right. You can click on "Add new term" or "Add school interval" if you wish to add more. When you're done, click on "Next".

In the 4th section, you can enable 3 options: "Plan Lessons", "Evaluation Criteria", "Expected Evaluation".

"Plan Lessons" enables a weekly planner for the lessons in this template, this can potentially help you with your weekly planning (more details in "How can I plan lessons in "Lesson Plan"?").

"Evaluation Criteria" allows you to add evaluations for children similar to badges besides the simple text evaluations/observations.

After toggling the button to enable it, you can click on "Add new criterion" to define a new criterion. Type in a name, a short name, weight, pick a color for that criterion and click on the save button to save the changes.

"Expected Evaluation" is a feature that allows to set an expected evaluation per lesson and evaluation term. To enable this you need to enable evaluation terms and criteria first. How to set an expected evaluation is explained in "How can I add/edit/delete template lessons?". When you are done, click on "Finish" and the template settings configuration is complete.

How can I add/edit/delete template lessons?

To add/configure lessons in a template, go to "Child Development" > "Templates" and click on the crayon located next to the name of the template you wish to edit. If you are in the template settings configuration (as explained in the previous tutorial section) and you click "Finish", you'll be redirected to the same template lesson configuration.

First you will add a main category. To do that, simply click on the green button "Create main category". If the main category's are already set up, you can skip this step.

Now you'll see that a row was added bellow for the main category and if you click on it where it says "New category" a small popup window will show up where you can change the main category's name, short name, color and description.

Now again on the row with the main category's name, if you hover with your mouse over it you'll see 3 small gray buttons that do the following (from left to right): add lesson/subcategory, edit (this only allows to change the category's name, it does the same thing like if you would have changed it from the popup window showed above), delete (this allows you to delete the category but you can't do it unless there are no lessons/subcategories added in this main category).

Depending on what subcategory depth level is set in the template settings, when you click on the the small "+" button next to the main category name, you will either add a lesson directly under the main category or a subcategory. For this example we will use a subcategory depth level of 1, so a lesson will be added when you click on the "+" button.

To configure that newly added lesson, click on the title "new lesson" and a popup window with the lesson settings will show up.

Here you can set a name, description, age range and expected evaluation (age range & expected evaluation needs to be enabled from the template settings in order to show up here, see "How to I configure the template settings?").

To add more lessons/subcategories, simply click again on the "+" button as shown above.

How can I add evaluations/observations?

To add evaluations for your lessons, you need to go to "Child Development" > "Progress and Plan". First, filter the view so that it shows the correct information using the filters available on the top left.

Now in order to add an evaluation/observation, click on an empty square on the right side underneath the student you wish to add the evaluation.

A window will open in which you can add the evaluation. If the template has "Evaluation criteria" active, you will need to select a criterion, if not, you need to add text to the evaluation or else you can't add it.

If you wish to delete an evaluation, click on the it and then select "Edit evaluation".

And then you will see the red "Delete" button available.

How can I plan lessons in "Lesson Plan"?

! In order to be able to plan lessons for the selected template, it needs to have "Plan lessons" enabled in the template settings. See "How can I configure the template settings?".

First you need to go to "Child Development" > "Lesson Plan", select the template using the template selector on top and then click on "Add lesson".

A window will open with the available lesson, you need to check which lessons you wish to plan and click "Save".

You will see the lesson listed on the left side above "Add lesson". In order to plan them, simply drag & drop them from the list on the left, underneath the days in which you want to have them planned.

How can I generate/publish/edit/delete an evaluation report for the students?

If you want to generate an evaluation report, go to "Child Development" > "Reports" and click on "New Report" on the top right.

Now you need to follow the 3 stages in the pop-up window required to generate a report. In the first one you need to add a name for the report, select the template and select the date range/terms for the report.

Next, you need to select the lesson categories for which you want to generate the report. You can also click on "select all categories".

Finally, you need to select the children for which the report should be generated, or you can click on "select all children". When you are done, click on "save" and the report(s) will be generated.

The generated reports can be found listed in the "Reports" section. To publish or delete a report, click on the green eye icon on the right side located on the same row with the report that you wish to modify.

A report that is not published, will not be visible from the child's parent account.

After you click the eye, the report will open, and you will see the "Publish" and "Delete" buttons on the top.

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