Kindergarten managers can save a list in CSV or PDF format with the invoices issued, one of the cases where this function can be useful is when the accounting team needs all the invoices both in tabular and pdf form.

To save invoices using a web broswer we follow the steps presented below.

Step 1: Access the list of parent invoices by clicking on "Parent invoices" which is located under the "Billing" category on the left side of the page.

Step 2: Depending on what type of invoices you want to see in the exported list, click on "--All invoices--" under "Status" and then select the required filter from the menu dropdown. Next to the status filter, select the period of the invoices you want to download, you can also display the invoices of a particular group by selecting the group under "Groups".

Step 3: On the top right we have two options (PDF or CSV) available depending on what format we want the list to have.

Step 4: Select "Download all invoices as PDF" and thus you will download all invoices issued in the time period chosen in PDF format. Note that if there are more, a zip file will be generated in which all the invoices will be found. If you need older invoices or from another period of time do not forget to filter the invoices from the table according to the period of issue and / or status.

If you choose the option "Save as CSV" then a single file will be generated with all invoices in tabular form. The file contains several columns (Invoice number, issue date, child name, parent name, invoice value, amount collected, etc.)

If when you open the CSV file with Microsoft Excel all the information is in the first column you have to select the column and press Data > Text to Column and select comma as separator and thus all the information will be placed on the corresponding columns.

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