To be able to delete the Kindergarten/School account the following conditions must be met:

  • The School/Kindergarten should not have children accounts added. To delete a child account we need to access his profile. If the account is not active then we can delete it directly. If the account is active (parents and/or his personal account has been verified with an Email address) we will find on his profile a button named Deactivate Account.

  • The School/Kindergarten should not have any Teachers and/or other Services added(Nurse, Administrator, etc.). To delete a Teacher or a member of our staff we will access Management > Staff Management  > Actions that can be located next to each member and then we press Deactivate. Once the account is deactivated we can press again Actions > Delete.

  • To be the main Manager.

After all the children and all staff members have been deleted, we can go to "Management", followed by "My Account". Here, we will press the red "Terminate account" button.

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