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How can I verify the activity and account of a Teacher, as a Manager?
How can I verify the activity and account of a Teacher, as a Manager?
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The manager has access to all the information added by any educator in Kinderpedia, from activities, events, photo albums, the documents uploaded to the platform, even the messages sent and received by the educator through the Quick Messages module. Thus, at any time, the manager can have an overview of all aspects of his kindergarten.

Moreover, the manager benefits from the "Impersonate User" function, which allows the control of any Kinderpedia account of his kindergarten staff.

How does it work?

First, to access this functionality, we must go to the "Management" module, and then "Staff Management". Here, next to each user we will find the "Actions" button, on the right side of the screen. Once pressed, it will open 3 options: Edit, Deactivate and Impersonate User.

From the moment we activate Impersonate User, we will have total control over the respective account, that is, any activity we undertake at this moment will be registered by the platform as being carried out by the account we control, including the messages will be sent under the name of that person.

To return to the manager account, we move the cursor to the name of the account on the top right and press "switch to admin account".

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