Kinderpedia allows educators/teachers to be part of several institutions with the same account.

To easily navigate from one institution to another, you only have to move the mouse over your name in the upper right, and there a new menu will open where you will see the names of the institutions in the list, one below the other / the different headquarters you belong to.

The first name you see in the list represents the account of the institution you are currently on. To navigate to the account of another kindergarten/school, just click on its name from the respective list. From this moment, all the data you will see on the platform will belong to the chosen institution.

Repeat this process every time you want to move from one educational institution to another.


If you use the mobile application, you just have to open the menu in the application and touch the screen on the red bar where you see the name of the institution (or "Kinderpedia" for individually created teacher accounts) and a menu will open where you can select the other premises to which you have access.

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