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How to add a group/class and how to add a new family/student/child. Complete guide.
How to add a group/class and how to add a new family/student/child. Complete guide.

How can I add a child / student? How can I add a new family? How do I send account activation invites towards the families?

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How do I create a group/class?

To add a new group/class, access the "Children Groups" section in the menu on the left side of the page.

To add a group/class, click on the green "Add Class" button at the top of the page. Now you will have to fill in the name of the class below, choose the type of class (Main/Optional*), a color, and a level of study.

* The difference between a main class/group and an optional one is that the students must be added / they can be part of only one main group, but in the optional groups it is not mandatory to be added and they can be added in any optional groups you have need. Also, you cannot attend the optional groups through "Check-in", in the optional groups, you can only attend the activities/subjects in the timetable, while in the main groups you will be able to attend through "Check-in" and at the activities / the subjects in the timetable. For example, you can create the main classes "3rd Class, 4th Class, etc." in which the students will enroll and an optional "Chess" group in which you add only the students who opt for chess from the 3rd and 4th grades.

After completing the information mentioned above, click on "Save" to add the class.

How do I add pupils/students/children? How do I add a new family?

The first method for adding a new family is to access the "Families Management " section and click on the green "Add new family" button.

A pop-up window will open where you will have to select "NO, I will data manually".

Now you just have to select the class/group in which the student will be added and fill in the rest of the necessary data for the student. After completing the data, click on "Add" and a new family will be created for the respective student, you will find the new family in the list of families in "Families Management".

In order to add the information for the parents, click on "view family" in the list of families under the recently added family name to open the family profile (if you click on the student's name, the student's profile will open where you can change details related to the profile him and move him to another class).

Now click on the green "Add member" button at the top.

A window will open where you must fill in the parent's information, the mandatory fields are name, surname, and email address. If you don't want to send the account activation invitation now, you can uncheck the box next to "Send invite via email".

Select "YES" next to "Pickup Allow?" if the parent picks up the child from the kindergarten, this will allow the parent to check in/out by scanning a QR code downloaded from Kinderpedia and printed by the kindergarten, this function is only relevant for kindergartens and some private institutions.

After you have filled in all the information, click on "Add".

The second method is through the "Children Groups" module. You can click on the class in which you want to add students.

Click on "Add child" on the right side, fill in the name and surname of the student, and click on "Add child" again.

If you want to add the parents' information to the added student's family, look for the student in the list of students in the class on the same page and click on the "invite parents" button. It will send you to the family profile and you can follow the steps described above in the first method.

How do I add a child/student based on the transfer code?

To add a student to the code base, you must first obtain the re-enrollment code. If it is about the reactivation of a student account that was also deactivated from the school account you are currently in, you will find it in the list of inactive accounts that can be accessed from the "Families Management" module. In the list of families, click on "Active children" in the filter above the list and select "Archived accounts".

Under the names of the inactive students, you will find the re-enrollment code, if you want to reactivate a student, copy that code.

It should be mentioned that students/parents have the option to reactivate their account in another institution if they want, if a student has reactivated their account in another institution, their re-enrollment code will no longer be valid in the list of inactive students. For example, in the picture above, you can see that the re-enrollment code is not visible under the name of the student Nicolas Mir because the account was activated in another institution.

The second method of obtaining the re-enrollment/transfer code is from the parent/student. If it is a student who needs to be transferred from a different institution, he will not appear in the list of inactive children, and in this case, the parent or student can send you the re-enrollment code because they see it in their account. If they don't know where the code is, you can send them this tutorial:

If the parents follow the tutorial and say that the code is not visible in their account under the name of the student who should be inactive, it means that the account has not been deactivated and the staff of the institution where it is active will have to check/deactivate the account.

After obtaining/copying the re-enrollment code, to activate the student's account, go to "Families management" and click on "Add new family". In the window that opens, make sure that "YES, I have a transfer code" is selected, select the class in which you want to activate the account, enter the re-enrollment code and click on "Search for a child".

The account can also be reactivated from the "Children Groups" module. There you have to click on the class in which you want to activate the account, then click on "Transfer child" and the same window described above will open.

How do I send invitations to several families at once?

To send an invitation to a parent, open the family profile by clicking on "View family" in "Families Management" and click on the green "Invite parent" button under the parent's name, then click again on "Send invitation by email" in the window that opens or you can enter a new/corrected email address if needed.

If you want to send an email for account activation to a student, in the family profile, click on "Invite student" under the student's name. In the window that opens, enter your email address, make sure that the "Send invitation via email" box is checked, and click on "Add".

How do I send invitations to several families at once?

To send invitations to several users, you must access the "Families Management " section and filter by "Unregistered users" using the top filter. Then next to "Show" select "30" to display more users on the page, then check the empty box above the list to select the 30 families displayed and you will see the "Invite users" button available.

It should be mentioned that the invitations will be sent ONLY to the 30 families shown on the page. To send invitations to several families, if there are more than 30, you must go to pages 2, 3, 4, etc., and repeat the process explained above.

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