Method 1: Invite code.

Children can register themselves into the group by using a code.

To find that code, access "Children Groups" located in the menu on the left side of the page and click on the group created in the previous step.

After you click on the group you will see the code on the right side of the page, send that code to the children which are to be added to the group. They will enter that code when they create their student accounts and they will be automatically added directly to the group.

Method 2: Manually adding the children.

*Careful! If you have already sent the code to the children and they create their own account, DO NOT add them again using the manual method explained below because a duplicate account will be created, OR inform the children not to create their account using the code if you prefer to add them manually.

To add the children manually, select the group created as mentioned earlier, and under that code on the right side of the page click on the green button "Add Child". Enter the child's first and last name and then click "Add Child" again. After it has been added, it will be listed in the group.

If only the child will access the Kinderpedia account, click on the green "+ Invite Student" button.

For each child, we will click on "+ Invite Student" and besides the first and last names which are filled in automatically, we will also enter the student's email address. Then, he will receive an email invitation to activate his account.

If parents are going to access Kinderpedia, you must press the gray "+ Invite Parents" button for each child.

When you click on "+ Invite Parents" it will send it you the child's family. There you have to click on "Invite Parents", fill in all the necessary data and click on "Add" to save the changes. The parent will receive an email with the invitation.

For the student connection guide, CLICK HERE.

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