*Pay Attention! Attendance is never done automatically and can not be done by Students / Parents, it must always be done manually by a Teacher or Manager. The exception by which parents can check in is by scanning the QR code if the kindergarten / school has this option available.

First Method

How to make the attendance on the desktop / laptop

Access Kinderpedia and go to "Presence and Daily Report". Here you can see the list of all the children from the groups you have access to. To mark a child present, click on "Check-In" on the right, to mark an absent child, click on "Absent".

To reset the changes made to the attendance of a child, click on the orange button on the right (the one with two white arrows in the middle) after which you can mark the attendance again with "Check-in / Absent".

To mark all the children in a group as present / absent, click on "Actions", button found on the right side next to the group name and click on "All present" or "All absent". To mark the fact that all the children have left school, click on "All check-out".

If you want to change the attendance for another day, click on the gray button where it shows the current date and select the desired date from the calendar, after which you can apply the changes for that date.

Seccond Method

How do I make the attendance in the mobile application?

In the mobile application go to "Daily Timeline" and select "Check-In"

In the next screen select the children for whom you want to be present or check "Select all" in the top bar to select all and then select "Present / Absent" to make the attendance.

How do I make attendance at a discipline / activity?

In order to make attendance on a discipline / activity you must make sure that the respective activity is set to request the presence. To find out how to edit an activity CLICK HERE and read from "How do I edit a discipline / activity?".

*Be Careful! If you make the attendance for the whole day as described above in "METHOD 1" and "METHOD 2", the attendance per activity will not be changed, it must be marked manually by the teacher.

Go to "Activities" and click on the discipline / activity for which you want to be present.

After opening the activity you will see on the right side where the children are listed, under each child, the "Present / Absent" buttons. To make the presence click on "Present / Absent".

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